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Clean Up The Lake

“Our mission is to fight back against plastic and all forms of pollution in our global environment, both on land and under the surface, starting with Lake Tahoe and the Cayes in Belize.”

Lake Tahoe is recognized worldwide for its grandeur, stunning clarity and for its breathtaking alpine setting. Holding over 39 trillion gallons of water Lake Tahoe is a critical water source for human reliance as well as for thriving ecosystems both on land and below the surface. The lake plays a monumental role in attracting tourism to the area which the local economy relies on. Maintaining and improving the overall health of the lake is eminent in supporting its aesthetic beauty, recreational opportunities and ecological interactions. Clean up the Lake is dedicated to fighting against plastic and all forms of pollution both above and below the surface of Lake Tahoe.

To help combat the underwater litter problems in Lake Tahoe, we have removed 25,000lbs of litter from the entire 72-mile near-shore subsurface of the lake via SCUBA clean-ups in our flagship project “The 72-Mile Cleanup of Lake Tahoe”.

The goal of our mission is not only to remove accumulated litter from below the surface of freshwater systems. We gather data and analyze how, where, and why litter is accumulating in certain areas, and at certain depths. This allows us to create real change in our communities by understanding where the litter cycle starts on a larger scale, and how to prevent it from finding its way into our lakes in the first place.